Mauve Hawaii - 3 column

Works best with 3 column Minima theme - instructions here

Here's the code:


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweety:
I'm new to blogging and I was wondering if you could help me to figure this stuff out. First off I'm looking for some place other then photobucket to up load my stuff for my blog, second I'm wanting to learn how to creat my own blog templates also, and thirdly how to post them or add them to my blog. Can you help me with any of these issues. My name is Katie. You can email me at

Jane Blogs said...

Hi Katie,

I've sent you and email with some details.
Hope it helps!


Jane Blogs said...

For some reason, my emails have bounced Katie.

Want to send me an email so I can check the address and shoot it back to you?

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