Earthy - 3 column

Works best with 3 column Minima theme - instructions here

Get the code:


suruha said...

Hi, there! First, I'd like to say 'thank you' for the sweet comments you left on my blog, suruha-freespirit. Having a son who is expecting a child is so different than a daughter having a child. LOL I am enjoying it.

Next, I want to tell you how much I like your designs. I applied a 3-column layout on one of my other blogs, one I started for blog design. Ever since I put it on there, my "comments" quit working. Would you know what that is all about? LOL I just need to sit down and work on it. Any input, though, would be so appreciated.

It is so nice to meet you. Will chat soon.


Jane Blogs said...

Oooh, that's not nice.
I'm using a 4 column background on one of my other sites, let me see if it's a problem there...

Jane Blogs said...

Okay, I'm not having a problem on my cross stitch site, so that suggests that it's not the code for the background.
Did you install the 3 column minima template first?

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